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Nature Trading Cards is a company of naturalists and educators working to make nature learning fun for all ages. Nature Trading Cards are perfect for the classroom, field trips, family vacations and home schooling. They're great for both individual and group learning. Each card has a species description on the back, accompanying the colorful photographs on the front.

Nature Trading Cards are on the wish list of naturalists and educators everywhere. Highly prized by kids of all ages, the cards are used in schools and camps, parks, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries and aquariums.

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Stunning Photography

Nature Trading Card Sets

200 - Card Sets

Our 200 card set contains the largest collection of everything we have to offer; plus a little extra something special.

32 - Card Sets

Our 32 card sets come in several different themed decks so that you can get all of the cards you want from a specific group.

Build Your Own Set

Build a set of your very own creation, with cards of your choosing in any combination.

Need a Custom Version for your Park, School, or Nature Center?

Nature Trading Cards specializes in creating custom items for our customers. Whether you simply need a single card made for a new species or a new collection of cards made from scratch. We can even customize a copy of our Nature Links Game with whichever cards you want, or make any game you can think of for virtually any platform. Let our years of expertise and experience work for you, providing the best in service at the most competitive possible cost. Our goal is to educate, let us help you in your goals by making your ideas a reality.

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